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Suzan Filipek
Edition: 9/30/2011

HISTORIC HOMES have been Lorna Hennington’s passion since her New Orleans’ childhood.

Lorna Hennington has been enjoying Wilshire Park since she first served pie and poured wine for the neighbors after moving in two years ago. “This neighborhood is just charming,” says the Bronson Ave. resident.

President of the Wilshire Park Association, a lawyer and real estate broker with Keller Williams Larchmont, her passion for historic areas and properties dates to her New Orleans’ childhood.  “As long as they’re historic I like them,” says Hennington who has lived in several city Historic Preservation Overlay Zones, such as Wilshire Park, Hancock Park and Carthay Circle. She served on the latter’s first HPOZ board.

Wilshire Park’s gems are being spruced up for the Los Angeles Conservancy At Home With History tour. Signage is being prepared for all of the homes reaching their 100th birthday. The signage as well as large scale photo cut outs of previous owners, places of interest, and historical photos of the properties will be on display during the Los Angeles Conservancy's Home Tour on Sun., Nov. 6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Also coming up is the neighborhood’s second annual Halloween Haunt.

Last year—when Hennington was vice president of the association—a record 500 people came to the Bronson Ave. block party. Bringing the area's diverse groups together is a goal of hers. “I’m trying to make sure we’re all part of the same neighborhood,” says Hennington, who is married to her high school sweetheart, Marshall, and mother to their 13-year old daughter, Allegra.

Revitalizing the area’s Neighborhood Watch is also on her agenda. She’s orchestrated several community meetings, and also with the LAPD Olympic and Wilshire Divisions, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Land Use Committee, City Council District 10 and Wilshire Park Elementary School. 

The group is finalizing plans for the “Historic Area” signs, a Wilshire Park Calendar and seeking nomination of Bronson Avenue as part of the National Registry of historic places. “It’s a cool little spot,” says Hennington.

Joining her on the board are Robby O’Donnell, vice president; David Donley, treasurer, and Elizabeth Morehead, secretary. Also on the board are Percy Austin, Frank Barnes, Rita Bazeley, Brian Finney, John Gresham, Gary Ichihara, Jennifer Nairn-Smith, Sheila Novak, Jorge Pelaez, Stephen Rebello, Susan Rim, and Peter White.

Wilshire Park is bordered by Crenshaw, Wilshire and Olympic boulevards and Wilton Pl. Visit