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Jane Gilman
Edition: 9/1/2011

PLAN on October agenda.

Traffic on Rossmore and Highland avenues is already backed up. Additional signals will slow the traffic even further, causing angry drivers and more cut-through vehicles on our streets.

This is the opinion of one of the 125 residents of Hancock Park who answered a survey on proposed traffic lights at 4th Street and Highland and Rossmore avenues.

The survey by the Hancock Park Homeowners Association resulted in 54 opposed to the stop signs, 15 in favor and 56 homeowners who would like to explore other alternatives to signals.

The plan to add traffic signals and add right turn only lanes at the two major streets in Hancock Park was announced by Councilman Tom LaBonge in July. Preliminary plans also call for restricted right turn lanes at both sites. The proposal is part of the Bicycle Master Plan to implement 1,680 miles of a bikeway system throughout the city.

“We are trying to work with the City to ensure that whatever traffic-calming measures go in on 4th Street will benefit both the bikeway and the residents. The proposed plan shows overhead signals, additional curbing, re-striping, restricted turns and signage. We would like to see what alternatives are available and have more data on impacts,” said Cindy Chvatal, HPHOA president.

“This will be a topic at our annual meeting in October, and we have invited Councilman LaBonge and the city Dept. of Transportation to come and speak to the residents and get their input.”

Not all Hancock Park residents are against the traffic signals, said Sonny Ward. “I think this will make the neighborhood much safer for our children and other residents who walk and cycle along 4th St. It is extremely dangerous to cross Highland and Rossmore at 4th St. I also think it will greatly calm through traffic.”

Fred Pickel, head of La Brea Hancock Park Residential Assoc., said the impact of traffic avoiding Rossmore and Highland to use adjacent streets also needs to be evaluated.